About me


How it all began

From early on I’ve been intensely engaged in pencil drawing. Due to a busy career and having a family I’ve had to prioritize them over drawing. Until at some point a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was shocked with tears flooding down my cheeks.

I turned to what felt like the only thing that could help me escape and took a paintbrush and some paint. With no canvas in sight I used a white wall in my salon to express my feelings.

No perspective, yet perfect in my eyes.

I’ve painted away all the anger, anxiety and grief I had. It was my therapy, my way of blowing off steam and a way to relax myself. Working with cancer patients and victims of burnouts is hard. Painting provides me the balance I need and makes me the happiest person on the planet.

My art is an explosion of passion and feeling, straight from the heart. Every time I work on a piece of art I’m in my happy place.

My art defines my personality.

In action


Get in touch

You can always contact me to make an appointment or to retrieve further information. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Zeedijk 675 8300 Knokke | 0476 62 85 05 | annemie@zennart.be

VAT: BE0558924490